• Porpouse

    We have been working on virtual build modeling and BIM using Archicad since 1993 with version 4.1.
    We beleave using BIM with the power of GDL is one of the best way to check and predict the life of the buildings before and after construction. 

  • BIM Services

    We provide service on BIM architectural projects using the software ARCHICAD by Graphisoft

  • Generic GDL Objects

    We create generic GDL BIM Objects for ARCHICAD   

  • GDL Objects for manufactures

    We provide to manufacture GDL BIM objects in ARCHICAD designed on their own style, such us railing and stairs. More details for railing BIM objects HERE .

   Archicad Tools and BIM Services
   Via Venanzio Fortunato, 55
   00136 Rome - Italy